“undisputed marketplace leadership in the segment of home essentials, architectural products and installations system by 2020 by promoting some of the most popular and exotic global brands to savvy domestic consumers and by offering seamless quality experience, both in products and services.”

Vision Philosophy

Customer delight

One of our primary values include having a level of service quality and focusing on client’s needs. Our passion for commitment to timelines and work ethics puts us in good stead as far as offering services and products which are best in class.

Complete ownership

We, at HOME PLUS take pride in taking complete ownership of our client’s need and feel accountable for delivering friendly and professional services in desired timelines.

Striving for excellence

For us, excellence is a process rather than destination. True to this notion, home plus believes in setting progressive benchmarks on service quality, client’s satisfaction and delivery timelines. We also strive to inculcate an attitude of learning and mentoring as a part of our values in order to help various individuals and work groups to make worthwhile contributors in this regard.

Integrity and transparency

HOME PLUS GROUP is committed to the variety of the products and services it offers. The commitments made by individual on behalf of the groups are promise which the group shall fulfil at any cost. The group also believes in dealing with its client’s in a transparent manner.

Value for human life

HOME PLUS GROUP is a firm believer of the fact that it is the people who drive an organisation to new heights and they are the biggest stake holders. The management ensures healthy and hygienic work conditions to all its employees and makes necessary adjustments to keep them reasonable stress free. It is our belief that is HAPPY MIND is more productive than a MIND IN STRESS.

Value for sustainable growth

HOME PLUS group believes in the philosophy of sustainable growth. Growth which comes with damaging of external environment. This philosophy spills over in making choice of products and brands it would like to get associated with and promote.